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Being Young in an Old Place
Logan Murdock

The town turned 100 before I was even allowed to turn one.

Many of the towns, at least in my area, haven’t yet reached that status.

My town was a circle; if you got lost, keep walking, and you’re bound to find a familiar spot.


For me, it was always the shopping centre right down the street from my house, not even a half-mile.

Even if you stuck to yourself, which most of us did, dreary little eye-roll it became,

You would inevitably see a friend. Or more often, someone you tried avoiding.


Like the times (unavoidable and painful they were) I saw the girl I knew from long ago, whose blonde hair cascaded down her back, whose curves could cause a man decades of insanity (just plead your case now, no one will be able to understand you, later) in mere seconds, whose intelligence was unmatched (promiscuity not yet part of this equation), and who would look at you and give you plenty of time, even though you knew that there was absolutely no reason she was still there nine minutes later, listening to you talk about nothing.

Maybe this girl was an outlier. Maybe she was supposed to have blockaded your growth for six years, even though you spoke for only a little over two, and maybe, just maybe, you were supposed to be driven insane by this girl. Insanity is a high motivating factor. Consider yourself motivated.

Logan Murdock is a current student at Dixie State University, studying to achieve his B.A. in History, and a B.A. in English-Creative Writing. This is his first publication, after primarily writing strictly for his own enjoyment. His works generally include semi-obscure references to various things he enjoys, so if you catch on, kudos to you! And be sure to look for other works of his in the future.

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