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Terry Severhill

I explore your body as if  it were

the coast line of an unknown continent.

Seeking shelter, 

respite from storms

real, imagined.

A mooring to offload my burdens.

Your voice, 

comforting as a foghorn on bitter sweet days,

The fog, old memories crashing on reefs.

I furl my sails,

lower my flag.

I yield to the harbor master.

Terry Severhill has several severe disabilities, a sense of humor and is neuro-divergent. Terry is of mixed heritage; Scott, French and Native American (Chippewa, Sault Ste. Marie tribe, Mich. Erskine family line). He is a Marine combat veteran, having served in a CAP unit in Vietnam. His most recent works have appeared in the San Diego Poetry Annual. He has appeared in: "A Quite Courage","Damfino", "Mad Swirl", "Panoplyzine", "Gyroscope Review" and in SE Missouri University Press "Proud to Be", Writings by American Warriors and others forthcoming. Presented with the "Art Young Memorial Poetry Prize 2016" [Garbanzo Literary Journal]. Medically retired from the construction industry, he writes, reads at various open mics in San Diego County, resides in Vista, Ca, takes orders from his two cats, is regularly ignored by his two dogs and loves and adores his wife of 40 years.

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