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Doug Braithwaite

Doug been painting since he was old enough to hold a paintbrush. He pursued his love and talent of art and graduated from the University of Utah in 1991. Since that time, Doug's bold brush strokes have been easily recognized by admirers and collectors. His work was once well-described in Southwest Art Magazine as "where realism meets abstraction," almost like two paintings in one. From far away, it is almost photographic. As you move closer, however, you see much less detail and the bold brush strokes merely interpret what your eye sees. "Painting for me, feels like composing and playing music. I look for rhythm and tempo created by the geometry of space. I paint my life experiences-the deserts, the pastoral landscapes, the urban landscapes of every season. I paint the places I encounter as I travel as I love expressing what life is like here and now." Doug has been featured on the cover of the Plein Air Magazine, Park City Magazine and the Springville Spring Salon. He is also featured in several publications, including "Painters of Grand Teton National Park" and "Utah Painters of Deserts and Canyons," both written by Donna Poulton. He is a frequent participant in plein air competitions across the country and has been recognized with dozens of awards over the years. "Painting the landscape, for me, is about awe, wonder and learning respect. It is also about understanding and recognizing our efforts to exist and flourish."

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