to be a fruit is to live

in perpetual seeds of doubt, avoiding

the pitfalls of angry days trying

to darwin through monotony.

watermelon crushing his own expectations

as he bullies grapes. small, they already feel

inferior and wine constantly about tough lives.

lemon tries to motivate peers but just annoys,

dr. phil wannabe, “if life gives you lemons . . .”

it doesn’t make sense anyway,

to make lemonade lemons have to die.


strawberries arroganting their way to the table

“ooh look at me, I get dipped in chocolate.”

the real morons are the oranges and apples,

always trying to out-steroid each other,

juicing to be the best, orange always says apple’s name

while holding his tongue, apple plays the part by

telling him his peel makes him look really fat.

tomato is the poor loner, constant identity crisis,

he gets sauced to numb the vegetable pain

while the bickering continues, it could be worse,

they could all be boring dry grains.

Blake Garber is a Senior at Bradley University. He is an English major with a concentration in Creative Writing. After writing numerous poems about tougher subject matter (such as wars or death), this poem was the result of him trying to get back to the basics.

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