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Route 7 Review

Issue #2 2014




She painted me

Red hair, black cloak

             In the inky shadows of

                      An unnamed street

Paralyzed in motion my lips closed

No teeth

               No voice box to speak

She painted me

            Left foot forward

                         Stubs of arms shoved into

Skinny pockets of my coat

She must hate hands

And feet

              Jammed into pointy shoes that don’t fit me

                            My proportions are skewed

I envision her bloodshot eyes

         Squint in concentration

                      As she defined the boundaries of my world

Narrow buildings with

Vacant windows that rise in surreal shapes

                                         Behind me

             I try to see

But my expression is frozen in a way that hinders me

                           Doesn’t she love me?

                                       Why doesn’t she brighten up the sky?

Give me the sun, the moon, or at least a starlit night

                          But she only paints one streetlight for me

To see by

                          I remember when she gave me eyes

Before then I was just a body on canvas with a

             Colorless mind

Does she know that while I watched her sleep

At 2am   

             My heart began to beat?

                          Please help me

Sometimes before she leaves

She stares at me

             Picks up her paintbrush

And streams run down her cheeks

             Her strokes are angry

Sometimes she talks to herself

             Or me

I can’t tell

             She calls me ugly

                          My legs too short

My skin too orange

             She says I look fake

I think she thinks I’m fake

                          She even calls me a waste

Of time

             But she created me

Last night her hand slipped and she painted over

Part of me

             Now I fear she may be planning to erase


             Does she not know that I am her and

                                                             she is me?



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