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Route 7 Review

Issue #  2015




You are dreaming an amphibian

dream my little being

my rendering


of pixels in liquid

light your body

a projection of sound into this


quiet hum:

the dry world

the endless search

for water and warmth


curve of your spine

glow of your skull your heart

beat fingers

arms toes tucked legs labia

a girl naked nebulous

a girl


she’s yawning


my daughter


clamorous and real



Elisha Holt is a poet of seedpods, coyotes’ howl, and the wind over the chaparral. He was born in San Bernardino and raised in the rural Palo Verde Valley, a beekeeper. An MFA candidate at Cal State San Bernardino, his work has appeared in Apercus Quarterly, Inlandia, and on the wall at The Camel Saloon.



Desert Survival Guide: Ultrasound Video, Aria

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