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Louise Mathias is the author of Lark Apprentice, winner of the New Issues Poetry Prize, and Above all Else, the Trembling Resembles a Forest, winner of the Burnside Review Chapbook Contest. Her second full length collection, The Traps, is forthcoming Spring 2013, from Four Way Books. She lives in Joshua Tree, California.

Occam’s Razor

They say it is because

you’re lost in grief.  As though it were a place you could move out of

if you only had the map.

The un-locatable nowhere


Where the road cuts through the quarry, halcyon ruse.

Heart of Glass

You were damp whorls, you were terror.

Lilac pines for orris,

for the company of men.

I see that I only get what the snow un-lies.

May the columbine

grow in the salt hills, may it poison your children.

Through all of this, I’ll remain. Ever so.


Though the forest will grow sparse

as a beggar’s dress.

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