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Route 7 Review

Issue #  2015



I have read you in the original
way, experienced the irony
of loss within a map. Here lies the heart—

alive, still gushing blood, a femur
to steady the blow, the throat to hold

it in. It will return again

and again, as silence grows

beside absence. I write this
down so I will not forget

a right turn or the shape of
               your hips as they appear
in shadow form against

the wall.


Melanie Tague is a current MFA student at George Mason University and alumna of the University of Missouri where she received her BA in History and Sociology. She currently works on the literary journal Phoebe and serves as a reader for Stillhouse Press. Her poetry has previously appeared in journals such as Weave Magazine, Rappahannock Review, and Cider Press Review. She has also written reviews for both Newpages and The Cincinnati Review.





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