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Nathan Hauke was born and raised in rural Michigan. His first book, In the Marble of Your Animal Eyes, is forthcoming from Publication Studio. He is also the author of chapbooks Honeybabe, Don’t Leave Me Now (forthcoming from Horse Less Press), S E W N (Horse Less Press 2011), and In the Living Room (Lame House Press 2010). His poetry has been published in American Letters & Commentary, Colorado Review, Denver Quarterly, Dusie, E-Ratio, Interim, Momoware, New American Writing, Parthenon West, Real Poetik, Spork, Twenty Six, TYPO, and We Are So Happy To Know Something,​ among others. Two of his poems, “Deerfield (1)” and “A Surface.  A Shore or Semi-transparency of Glass,” were recently selected to be a part of The Arcadia Project: North American Postmodern Pastoral anthology that GC Waldrep and Joshua Corey edited for Ahsahta Press (2012). A talk about poetics and getting a small press off the ground in a rural community written in collaboration with his Ark Press co-editor Kirsten Jorgenson, entitled Country Music, is forthcoming as a chapbook from DoubleCross Press (2012).


Saying Jesus

A cube of sugar

melting in a horse’s mouth. 

Leaves cluttered around the cement ramp

into the shallow end

Rings of light

bounce across pool’s scummy green water.


The inner wall’s echo

Flat, hot sunlight

on the right side of my face.

Gold strings of leaves falling through a

mouthful of cold beer.


A plastic grocery bag caught in the top of a pine   

Dirty window leaned against a pile of bricks

Shredded VHS tape that glitters in the median

 Decrepit family graveyard

Where mirror puts the sun in the ground



A busted mailbox


A hole in the foreground collecting distance


Styrofoam, leaves, clutter where you


Companion strange tenderness


Over the hum of the engine


Sick in the yard near the blue table

Walks the perimeter eating grass


Corner of dirty light near the steps

Asking for a little magic

Where the broken branch carries me

Stray feather near the trunk

That was days ago already

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