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Route 7 Review

Issue #  2015


The hibiscus

in its basket

sits in sun-

flowers yawning

yellow tonsils showing-

its closed buds

nose the glass

beneath a cloistered sun


If I were

Georgia O’Keefe


in her flowers

I’d paint these

resplendent swirls

from slender pistils twirling-

Spanish dancers in the rain


The hibiscus

in its basket

gives up

its blossoms lightly

Through day

and moonful night

they open

fade then drop-

folded umbrellas by my door

Barbie McGaw is a retired teacher.  She lives with her family in Freeland, at the southern edge of Michigan's northern forest.  Her poems have found their way to the pages of literary publications across the U.S.  In 2011, her poem "A Stone Heart," was the recipient of the Abbie Copps Prize for Poetry, sponsored by Olivet College. 




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